Top 5 Must-Watch Super Bowl Commercials 

Luna Garcia, Design Editor

With their increased creativity, celebrity cameos and budgets, Super Bowl commercials have become a cultural phenomenon in the United States, providing a fun and entertaining distraction from the stress of the high-stakes football game. For those who missed out,  here are the top five commercials that are a must-watch.

1. Popcorners

Beloved characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad” return after 10 years. The PopCorners commercial is one of the best-received commercials of the 56 Superball, being a trip down memory lane for many fans. Not only were the two main characters shown, but also the infamous Tuco Salamanca, one of their distributors appeared.  

2. Rakuten

For a Rakuten commercial, Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan were cast as their old characters from “Clueless.” The advertisement was set in the iconic school debate scene while they are wearing their signature outfits.   

3. Doritos

Jack Harlow made his second Super Bowl debut during the Doritos commercials. Here, Jack Harlow quits rapping to play the triangle, with additional appearances by Missy Elliot and Elton John. 

4. Uber 1

Uber 1 employed Diddy to create a song for its commercial. Uber utilized nostalgia and brought back some classic favorites such as Milkshake, What does the fox say, I love you alway forever, This is how we do it and this is how we do it. Creating the perfect song including Kelis, the Ylvis group, Donna Lewis, Montel Jordan and Haddaway.  

5. Run With It

This commercial sheds light on flag football, especially women’s flag football in the Latin community.  Diana Flores, a Mexican quarterback who was the 4 youngest quarterback at the Worlds Games in 2022, was the star of the show. In this commercial, everybody is trying to take her flag but she is too quick and gets away from everyone. This advertisement is a teaser of the future of the NFL and women’s sports. 

With a captive audience and a massive platform, advertisers create unique, captivating and often humorous advertisements that spark intense discussion and debate in the days and weeks that follow. They are one of the best parts of the show that many look forward to every year.