Tis’ the Season for Spotify Wrapped

Emilia Haus, Multimedia Photo Editor

Since its inception in 2017, Spotify Wrapped has become an annual tradition for the app’s users. The anticipated release allows users to view their top streamed artists, songs and genres from the year. In recent years, Spotify has added new features including the user’s “audio aura” based on the user’s music picks and this year’s “listening personality.” 

Miami Palmetto Senior High sophomore Mateo Papadopulos, an avid music listener and Spotify user, is one of many who look forward to the annual release.

“I can flex my minutes on everyone and it is fun to see what everybody else is listening to,”  Papadopulos said.

As Spotify adds new features to the recap annually, fans have favorite features they would like to see, such as minutes of each artist listened to throughout the year.

“[I would like it] if you can see your friend’s Spotify wrapped on their profile or if you could see the minutes of every artist,” Papadopulos said.

Many users enjoyed the listening personalities feature where Spotify sorted individuals into 16 personality types; the Deep Diver, someone who indulges in specific artists and likes familiarity, the Early Adopter, who is always ahead of the listening trends and the Nomad, a listener with a wide range in tastes, among others.

“[I enjoyed] the music personality because that was actually so spot on, the Nomad thing,” Papadopulos said.

Users are not the only ones who can see their data, with artists having a Wrapped for themselves, too. This tool allows artists to see the number of countries where their music has been listened to, the number of streams, the number of listeners and the overall hours fans spend listening to an artist’s work. 

For the third year in a row, Bad Bunny was the most listened-to artist globally, followed by Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS. Other artists with Spotify success this year include Lana Del Rey, Doja Cat and Olivia Rodrigo.

Many Spotify users wear their wrapped’s like a badge of honor, taking pride in being in the top 0.01% of an artist’s listeners or having a unique top songs list.