The 2023 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

Mia Shields, Design Editor

The birth of motor racing is rooted in 1890s France; cars were upright and heavy and roads were sand or wood, leading racers from town to town. Within the next ten years, motor racing increased in popularity, and in 1901 the first race used the title “Grand Prix.” Original regulations included 10-hour races in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, with two drivers per car and the winners were the pair who could drive the longest distance within the ten-hour period. The cars had no restrictions on weight or engine capacity, and the variety of cars able to race was called “Formula Libre.” With this, the modern era of Formula One began in 1950, and since then has become one of the most popular sporting events of the season. 

With Formula One gaining major popularity, teams and drivers promoted sponsorships from casinos, allowing fans to indulge in a thrilling gamble with online casinos that connected many fans within the F1 culture. 

“Betting is a huge part of F1, and has rapidly grown with the rise of online gambling. Fans can bet on which drivers they think will be on the podium by the end of the race,” Miami Palmetto Senior High sophomore and F1 fan Chris Suarez said.

This year, the Miami International Autodrome held its second Grand Prix and has announced a weekend attendance of 270,000. Throughout the race, Black Eyed Peas conducted an orchestral version of his new track “THE FORMULA,” while rapper LL Cool J gave a personal shoutout to each of the 20 drivers who passed by. 

“As a viewer, you become invested in the driver relationships on the track. This can be seen with the teammates/rivals Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen,” Suarez said.

Nicknamed “Miami Max,” Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen went from ninth position to winning the Grand Prix; the first time this has happened in nearly 40 years. On the other hand, his teammate Sergio Perez finished in second, taking his 30th F1 career podium and fourth of the season. 

“….They were both at the top of the championship competing for first. With how dominant their cars are, it was unlikely that any other drivers would catch up to them at the top,” Suarez said.

The weekend saw a full force of excitement from crowds and drivers alike with amazing performances, rivalries and predictions.