Spit Spoof: The Union of the State Address

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

This article is purely satirical. None of the information posted is factual.

During U.S. President Joseph Biden’s hour-long State of the Union Address on Tuesday, March 1, he shared little to no important information with the American people.  

Who would want to know about the ban on Russian energy imports? Or the idea of increasing taxes for those with income levels over $400,000 a year? 

The annual message had the audience wanting to fall asleep because of how boring the whole address was. The audience looked zoned out and could not hold their focus on Biden and his address, emphasizing the boredom of it all. 

Another factor that comes in with this State of the Union Address would be that mask wearing during a big conference with over 500+ people does not hold any importance anymore. During the address, very few people decided to show up with a mask due to the mask optional rule. This allowed germs to roam freely around people in the room. 

After the speech, some viewers decided to add their input on the matter through a variety of social media posts. Many posts had real moments of the speech but others gave many the sense that they had not even watched the speech, and just posted whatever they wanted to on social media for a couple of likes and views. 

The public’s reaction was just as calm as many would think. Many people talked about the two different sides as if it was either completely terrible or the best speech they had ever heard. People believed this because of the social media posts or just from what they saw during the hour long televised address. 

While some viewed the speech as a comedic show, some took the time to understand all the crazy plans that are intended to happen in the near future. The main point of the speech was to keep the public well informed about current affairs related to the administration. It turns out that regardless of what the intent was, many people did not view it in that way.