Rare Sighting of an 1887 van Gogh Painting

Isabel Lopez, Multimedia Photo Editor

One of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh’s paintings recently debuted to the public for the very first time: Street scene in Montmartre. This painting, from a private collection, is set for an auction.

This auction, scheduled for Mar. 25 and located in the French capital, will not be the only time the public can view the painting. This van Gogh painting can be found in exhibits next month in locations such as Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Paris, according to ABC7. CNN predicts that the painting should sell for around $6 to $10 million.

Since van Gogh created the painting back in 1887, many paintings have emerged from  the same collection, “Scene de rue a Montmartre,” with a majority sold at auctions. The painting, which translates to “Street scenes in Montmartre,” depicts a couple walking on a windy day in a rural area of Paris. Painted in landscape orientation, the piece displays van Gogh’s famous Impressionist style reflected through his strokes and marks using oil paint.

Throughout his life, van Gogh, who was born and raised in the Netherlands, completed around 2,100 artworks, including approximately 860 oil paintings, according to the van Gogh Gallery.

Miami Palmetto Senior High School senior Zoe Zimsek found the news that one of her favorite artists’ work had unveiled to the public quite astonishing. As a van Gogh fan, Zimsek draws most of her inspiration from him, leading her to draw and join art classes at Palmetto.

“I was inspired by my favorite piece of van Gogh’s, ‘Cafe Terrace at Night,’ to become an artist myself which led me to join Soloman’s class,” Zimsek said.

Van Gogh grew famous for his unique art techniques, emotional use of color and erratic brushwork. According to Britannica, van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime: the “Red Vineyard,” in 1888. This painting sold for 400 Francs, equivalent to $430.11.

As the post-Impressionist painter’s legacy lives on, many more art lovers seek his artwork and admire him. Today, his work sells for millions of dollars, making him a renowned historical figure in the fine art industry.