Pinecrest’s Trees: How a City Maintains an Image of Greenery

Michael Angee, Life Editor

The sky is clouded by nothing but leaves, and the tall trees block one’s vision. Pinecrest, a beautiful city and area, is notable for its lush greenery and peaceful energy brought by the surrounding nature. 

To become a city filled with trees, government officials of that city must acknowledge the significance of nature in their communities. Pinecrest‘s officials have created a space filled with nature and one that consistently grows with its homes and residents. 

Trees often soften the harsh lines of buildings and homes in cities, as well as contribute to the character of the environment. Aesthetic value is only the beginning of the benefits of trees. Greenery traps carbon and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, creating a healthier and more diverse ecosystem for the surrounding area. 

“I think residents should continue to educate themselves and their children on keeping their communities filled with nature and overall preservation,” Miami Palmetto Senior High junior and Science Honor Society member Sara Kramer said. 

Historically, architects have worked for their buildings and the nature surrounding them, harmoniously working together to complement and amplify the effect of both. 

Trees are also advantageous for cooling off in the warmer times of the year. The indirect effect of this is that people will use less air conditioning during these times, resulting in demand and prices lowering. 

“I think maintaining parks and greenery throughout not only Pinecrest but all of South Florida really helps people appreciate nature and hopefully understand how essential it is to continue to maintain the nature around us,” Kramer said. 

The mental and physical health of people is also greatly affected by trees. When people breathe in fresh air, they are also breathing in phytoncides. Phytoncides are chemicals emitted by trees that have antibacterial and antifungal qualities. When people breathe in these chemicals the activity of white blood cells called natural killer cells or NK cells. NK cells kill tumor and virus-infected cells in our body. 

The ability to have these benefits from trees stems from a community that is able to pay for expenses, labor and care that the environment receives in cities such as Pinecrest. 

In 2020 and 2021, the City of Pinecrest provided over 13 million dollars in their Parks and Recreation in total, as per the Pinecrest City’s Financial Annual Report,  as well as thousands of dollars that residents pay yearly to maintain their flora. 

The maintenance and spending for Pinecrest’s Parks and Recreation allow trees to flourish alongside their long-term aesthetic and health benefits.