PGL and PLax: The Road to Districts 

Madeline Volpe, Multimedia Video Editor

As the spring sports season begins to dwindle, Miami Palmetto Senior High’s lacrosse teams continue to advance throughout the season. 

MPSH Girls Lacrosse had an overall record of 8-3 during the regular season. As a team, they have worked towards winning districts. Throughout the school year, they have practiced during pre-season and the regular season that began in February. 

“I think it’s also our Coach, Jenna, for pushing us this far…We’ve just worked really hard as a team. I think this is really the year to win districts,” MPSH senior and captain of Varsity Girls Lacrosse Bethany DeFerrari said. 

The team has worked to create a close bond and sisterhood, leading PGL to win the Districts Championship on April 13 against Lourdes 7-2. 

“I really do think that because we bond so much and take the time to not just work on our lacrosse skills, but trust each other. Not just on the field, but off the field too. I think it really translates on the field because you kind of look at other teams and when they mess up, they get mad at each other; when we mess up we really work to uplift each other,”  DeFerrari said.  “One thing that I always say [is to] celebrate the little things, so like in a game let’s say if we’re down, if we just celebrated a pass or not it doesn’t even have to be a goal but like a defensive stop or something. Celebrating those little things I think helps cheer each other on. We’ve always come out with big wins because of that.”

The MPSH Boys Lacrosse team had an overall score during the regular season of 9-4 while losing the district game against Columbus 14-5, although they were able to advance to regionals this year. 

“We’re like one of the best Palmetto lacrosse teams since they started the program in 2011… We made regionals for the first time in years,” MPSH sophomore and Boys Lacrosse Team player Zachary El-Assad said. 

PLax also created a strong bond that reflected on their performance on the field. 

“We have very good team chemistry…So we have really gotten to know each other’s playstyle,” El-Assad said. “Coach Q has been amazing. He’s really brought us together as a team and really showed us that we can actually win, if we put our mind to it.” 

Both MPSH lacrosse teams this year have demonstrated the hard work they have put into their teams. Both teams will advance to regionals, with PGL winning Districts for the first time in history.