Palmetto’s Winter Sports Update

Going into the winter sports season, Miami Palmetto Senior High’s athletics program had a lot of pressure to mirror the fall sports season’s success. Basketball, soccer and wrestling completely exceeded expectations this past season.

This year, Palmetto’s boys soccer team had one  of their best seasons yet. For the first time in 5 years,  the team made the Miami-Dade district playoffs. With, hardwork and determination, they even won the district finals. 

“We started the season off with a winning mentality. We believed that we could beat any team, and once the results started coming,  it’s been difficult for any opponent to get us off this momentum,” soccer player and senior Sebastian Cordozo said. 

The girls basketball team had a historic season as well. Last year, they had made it to districts for the first time in (10? Have to confirm) years. This year, the team not only made it to the district playoffs again, but they also won for the first time ever, with a record of 13-9 (both regular season and district games combined). 

“Coach Donnie has been really helpful making sure we have a positive attitude keeping our heads in the game so we can be the best team possible,” basketball player and senior Tyeisha [last name] said. 

Palmetto’s wrestling team had another successful season. Eight of the wrestlers defeated their opponents and got first place in many  tournaments.

Our girls soccer team did not disappoint, with an 8-7-1 record for the regular season, and a district playoffs appearance. They also qualified for the GMax tournament for the first time this season.

“We had everyone show up to practice… that way we knew how to work as a team more, and we had more bonding activities outside of practice and games,” soccer player and sophomore Rachel Graff said.

The boys basketball team ended their season in the district championship. With a record of 14-11, each member constantly gave it their all, working towards a common goal. 

Throughout the winter athletic season, the basketball team improved e on their team dynamics, which allowed them to reach the point in their season that they did. 

“We all bounce off of each other’s talents. We are able to become one unit rather than 11 individuals,” basketball player and sophomore Adam Cohen said. 

Overall, with determination and practice, all of Palmetto’s winter sports teams had triumphant seasons. These teams set high expectations for those to follow in spring.