On the Ball: MPSH’s Baseball Team’s Brotherhood and Charitable Efforts

Paulina Handal, Staff Writer

Miami Palmetto Senior High’s baseball program is one of the longest-running sports at MPSH with six district championships, two regional championships and two GMACs since 2006. Although the baseball team has had many strong seasons with multiple wins, another element dominates the team: brotherhood. The team has very strong connections with one another, making it more of a brotherhood; not just another school sports team.

“There’s a really strong family-like connection on the team, kind of like a brotherhood. Everybody loves each other. Everybody supports each other. Everybody picks everybody up when they’re down, and for me at least, it’s more of a family than just a team,” MPSH junior and varsity baseball player Logan Shapiro said.

The players spend a lot of time together at practice, games, team dinners or extra events. The team has various aspects that constantly try to strengthen each other and involve the community in their activities. 

“I feel like since the bond that we hold we enjoy doing good things for the community like doing beach cleanups or other community services with the team. We try to make it a point to make our team very community involved rather than just strictly sticking to our sport,” MPSH junior and varsity baseball player Justin Corman said.

They participate in several community-strengthening activities, such as the Turtle Team beach cleanups and the Palmetto Bay fair. They continue their streak of team-building-driven activities with organizations that run nationwide, strengthening not only their team but their team’s charitable efforts. 

“There’s a bunch of things that we do but we participate in the Miracle League, which really, I think it further increases our brotherhood because we’re helping people who aren’t as lucky as us to be able to play baseball at the high school level. And I think these experiences that we get together really help us in forming bonds, making our team stronger at the end of the day,” Shapiro said. 

The MPSH baseball team participates in one principal organization called the Miracle League. The Miracle League program provides an opportunity for children with physical and/or developmental challenges to play baseball in a team and make their dreams come true. Players assist in the games, the coaching and the donations. It is something the players feel passionate about, and one of the things that strengthen the MPSH baseball team. 

“With all of the things we do it makes being on the team more of like a shared experience that all of us have together. I mean, it’s a commitment that all of us are making, and though it’s still a commitment we are all always doing everything together, making us stronger. So I also feel that everyone on the team has the same motive that it’s basically like a getaway from, you know, school and everything. And this is something that we enjoy since we’ve been playing since we were little so it keeps our love for the sport growing,” Corman said.