New in the Design District: Glossier’s First Miami Location

Kate Markus, Life Editor

Glossier, a trendy beauty and skincare line, recently opened its first permanent Miami location in the Design District.

Launched in 2014, Glossier has locations worldwide in cities ranging from Los Angeles to London. The permanent Glossier Miami store opened Mar. 24 of this year and has since been a hotspot for both tourists and locals.

Prior to opening the Design District location, Glossier opened a pop-up store temporarily in Wynwood in 2019. This pop-up store proved tremendously successful, known not only for its sale of aesthetic beauty products, but also for its unique and trendy environment – something that paved the way for a lot of business. 

With countless photo-ops and Instagrammable setups, Glossier is popular for its aesthetic decor at the new Miami location as well. There is something for everyone, bringing in a wide range of clientele. Glossier Miami even provides a perfume-shaped bench for boyfriends and dads to wait on, as @glossierboyfriends on Instagram depicts. 

Glossier Miami also has an “underwater room” below sea level, where the marine plant life and soft blues imitate Miami beaches. This peaceful ocean theme remains central throughout the store, with Glossier even selling beach bags for $30. $5 from each of these sales goes to Radical Partners, a Miami-based social impact accelerator aimed at building coalitions that strengthen communities.

Some of Glossier’s most popular products include their famous flavored lip balm (the Balm Dotcom), the Boy Brow and the Lash Slick Mascara. At the new Miami location, there is a “Wet Bar” for customers to test products.

“I really love their products. They make my skin feel so much more hydrated than other brands do, and I especially love their mascara and blush,” Miami Palmetto Senior High sophomore Tyler Shapiro said. “My friend just told me a permanent location in Miami opened and I am so excited to go see it and any new products they have.”