New Glamping Site Coming to South Florida

Gabriella Alvarez, Copy Editor

This October, Lulu Glamping is opening in South Florida just in time for fall. Although the autumn season in Miami usually does not drop below 70 degrees, this new experience promises to bring all the right feelings.

The term glamping describes a form of camping with “fancier” accommodations than ones in traditional camping. For example, families that go camping with a trailer are actually glamping. A trailer gives access to air conditioning, beds and other amenities deemed as a luxury that is not accessible during a standard camping trip.

Although camping is not for everyone, glamping is a way for people to expose themselves to nature without being eaten alive by Florida’s pesky mosquitoes.

“I have never been glamping so it would be a good first step and it sounds pretty fun. So I would be willing to give it a try,” Miami Palmetto Senior High sophomore and avid camper Benjamin Martinez said.

Organizers of the business have stated that a plethora of activities, such as horseback riding and biking will be included in one’s stay at the glamping site. The location plans situate near the Everglades, which gives guests the opportunity to leave and explore one of the most popular sites in South Florida. The campground will have a large outdoor cinema with seating for campers, where they can make and indulge in s’mores while watching films.

“It is a unique way to experience nature, but in a simpler form and while still being able to enjoy simple luxuries like AC [and] internet, especially in Florida with the heat AC is really nice to have and makes camping more fun,” MPSHS freshman and glamper Samira Moore said.

The glamping site itself is said to include 13 domed-shaped houses that will provide a shower, toilet, kitchen, terrace, grill area and air conditioning. Additionally, the campground will have a larger dome to serve as a common area for all guests, where they can get to know one another and participate in events. 

Lulu Glamping is rumored to be partnered with Redland’s Winery and Brewery, which will provide food and drinks. Major tripping sites such as Kayak will allow access to book one’s stay with an average price of around $310 per night.

While camping is not everyone’s first idea of a good time, glamping may be the route to get there. Lulu Glamping’s goal is to paint a picture of what the future of camping sites will be and this project may alter camping expectations for years to come.