Mind Over Matter: Finding a Realistic Balance and Schedule

Paulina Handal, Staff Writer

The importance of balance in anyone’s life is evident, especially in the lives of students. Finding a balance between one’s school life and personal life can be hard, but it is manageable. 

The most important thing is to be realistic. It is nearly impossible for an individual to devote themselves entirely to school while maintaining a balanced life. Scheduling plays a crucial role in this process. If one keeps a realistic schedule, balance can be maintained between all activities by planning out the day. For example, keeping an agenda on set periods one devotes themself to school, activities, sports and other activities will open up more free time while allowing for increased productivity.

Managing all the different things on one’s plate can eventually accumulate, leading to stress and anxiety. That is why balance and schedules are so important, not to mention the fact that without them, it can lead to a lack of sleep. About 73% of students do not get the sufficient eight hours of sleep that are needed to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Leading to more unneeded stress. Many individuals feel trapped in an endless cycle of procrastination, after-school activities, schoolwork, stress, and no sleep. When will it end? 

The only way to maintain a healthy balance is to create a schedule and do it realistically because every individual knows how to personalize it to their activities and time. Devoting four hours to schoolwork with no breaks is unrealistic and will not work for most. When building a schedule, one must know what will work for them and know how much time each task will take, keeping in mind that breaks are necessary. About one in every three students suffers from mental health issues caused by school and the stress that revolves around it, but there is a solution to that. As much of a pain as it might seem, organizing and scheduling help students prevent that extra stress and maintain a healthy balance.