How Wayside Marketplace Became a 2020 Neighborhood Staple

Sofia Vinueza, Business Manager

Wayside Marketplace has healthy food options, including, but not limited to, many different kinds of fruits, smoothies, shakes and savory treats. During quarantine, many people were getting active and going outside, stopping at Wayside Marketplace along the way.

“Over quarantine, my brother and I decided to go for a bike ride to Wayside. We would use Wayside as a checkpoint for when we should stop and get something healthy to eat,” Miami Palmetto Senior High junior Ari Rolnick said.

Wayside plays a role in people’s days in many different ways. It allows runners, walkers and bikers alike to take a second to cool down, grab a healthy snack or do something like use their phone before continuing on their way.

“I live super close to it, so my sister and I would walk there in the mornings and get breakfast and it was nice because it’s outside and you can find a place in the shade to sit down and eat. We’d get smoothies and shakes because it was really hot and they would cool us down,” Palmetto junior Rachel Graff said. 

A variety of healthy snacks can be purchased at Wayside Market place. Some of the smoothies include: Strawberry Breeze (Strawberry and honey), Strawberry Banana Freeze (Strawberry, Banana, and honey or sugar), and the Energy Boost (Strawberry, Banana, Orange, honey, ginseng, and protein). Those are just a few of the smoothies and they come in sizes small, medium and large, prices ranging from $4.50-$5.50. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made it hard for people to meet up and maintain contact because of social distancing guidelines. Wayside is an open area that allows customers to stay outside, and the breeze and airflow help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It allows friends to meet up and grab a smoothie while simultaneously practicing safety during the pandemic.