Hollywood’s Glitz and Glamour: The Start of the Award Season

Cayetana Jaramillo, Opinion Editor

The beginning of every year marks the start of the entertainment industry’s biggest events of the year: award shows. Award season reflects on the past year’s blockbuster movies, binge-worthy television series and top music hits. It is a night dedicated to the appreciation of art.

The city of Los Angeles hosts the three most important award shows: the Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Grammys. Every award show begins with a red carpet scene in which all of the celebrity guests arrive glamorously at the theater or venue. Cameras flash in all directions as families at home drool over to-die-for dresses. World-class designers dress the nominees to make use of the award season as a platform to promote their brands. The excitement begins before any door opens. 

Award shows not only commemorate the hard work of directors, writers, editors, actors and musicians but also place an emphasis on the importance of creativity. They highlight the ability of art to unite people around the world. During difficult times brought by the pandemic, movies, television and music were one of the only ways many could express creativity. Avid movie-goers cherish award season as they watch their favorite actors and directors receive well-deserved recognition. There is something about seeing all of one’s favorite characters gathered in one room that leaves thousands in a three-hour trance. 

The Golden Globes was the first show of the season, honoring movies and television shows. Nominees for Best Picture — the highest award in the movie category — include Dune, King Richard, Belfast, CODA and The Power of the Dog. In the television category, the nominees for the biggest award of the night — Best Television Motion Picture — include Dopesick, Impeachment: American Crime Story, Maid, Mare of Eastown and The Underground Railroad

Every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of entertainment journalists and photographers who report outside of the U.S., decides the winner of each category at the Golden Globes and the Oscars. This year, the HFPA added 21 new journalists, creating the largest and most diverse group to date.

The 2022 award season has already fallen victim to the current wave of COVID-19. This year, the Golden Globes were not live-streamed and were held only as a private event. The HFPA announced its winners on their website and the private event mainly focused on the philanthropic work of the HFPA. Over the past year, the HFPA came under fire due to its lack of diversity and preferential treatment towards popular actors and directors. Prior to the addition of new members, the HFPA included no black journalists or photographers. Several celebrity presenters and television broadcasters, such as NBC, refused to broadcast the Golden Globes due to the lack of diversity. 

Despite being postponed, the Oscars are still scheduled to occur in person on Mar. 27 with all necessary COVID-19 precautions and regulations. The Grammys have been postponed indefinitely. 

Unpredictability seems to have defined life over the past year – a state reflected in the art our society produces. As remote living becomes more and more of our reality, the future of award seasons becomes more and more unpredictable. Soon enough, fans will sit around their televisions on a Sunday to watch all of Hollywood’s usual glitz and glamour.