GOAL: to stop further injuries

Isabelle Carbajales

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When the girls of Palmetto’s soccer team anticipated the new season, an epidemic of injuries most likely did not come to their mind. Whether anticipated or not, the team has endured six serious injuries that affected some of the teams top players: a sprained ankle, torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a torn meniscus, a torn ACL and meniscus, and a broken ankle.

Co-Captain, senior Julia Wayne suffered a torn meniscus this season.

“It’s a learning experience,” said Wayne. “I’m excited to come back stronger.”

All the injuries were soccer related. Especially, during games due to collisions from opposing teams. Although most of the injuries were not preventable, the team has made it a primary goal to prevent further injuries.

“As a team, we are working on strengthening exercises,” said senior and girls’ soccer co-captain Francesca Stein. “My coach also encourages us to see the trainer if we have any ailments and catch the little things as early as possible, as in the case of a sprained ankle.”

The team also attempts to reduce the amount of heavy duty work before games to lower the chance of overworking their muscles.

Junior Catherine “Alex” McCarthy expresses that although the injuries have caused the team to lose a lot of key players, it also allowed them to learn to adjust and reshape the team to a new state in they must learn to be just as strong without the girls.

“As the captain, I encouraged younger players to step up and use this as an opportunity to contribute to the team,” said Stein. “Although these injuries had a negative impact on the team, we, as a team, turned it around to create a positive outlook.”

Although head injuries have yet to occur, the girls’ soccer team, among other sports, plans to implement concussion bands, known more popularly as “header bands.” With the growth of concern for head injuries, these bands have been promoted throughout the country because of their ability to absorb some of the shock issued from heading the ball.