First Snowstorm in History Projected to Hit South Florida

Ana Martinez, Online Editor-in-Chief

This article is purely satirical. None of the information posted is factual.

South Florida may receive a white Christmas after all; the National Weather Service announced the upcoming arrival of a three-day snowstorm, hitting Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. 

Beginning Dec. 18, a cold air mass from the north will push towards South Florida’s warmer air mass, causing an unusual cold front with temperatures reaching approximately 20 degrees. This cool weather, coupled with strong winds from Georgia and South Carolina, is projected to form a three-day snowstorm just in time for the holidays.

Local businesses and the Miami International Airport plan on canceling flights and closing stores starting Dec. 17 so that Floridians can have this weather all to themselves. While the cold weather will destroy $150 million in crops and decrease $100 million in tourism, South Floridians can bask in the dry, chilly weather resulting from the storm. 

Homeowners can expect up to 10 inches of snow and should prepare by racking up the heat and buying coats — a first for many Floridians. To prepare further for the joyous weather, individuals should purchase an emergency car kit, listen to weather forecasts and keep their plants and animals inside. 

Florida has wished for proper winter weather, and because of climate change, it has finally arrived! This combination of weather perfectly illustrates the necessity of climate change. Since the 1970s, many extreme temperature conditions have become more common as greenhouse gas emissions continue to blanket the Earth. 

With greater weather fluctuations, Florida can not only expect more frequent snowfalls but greater rainstorms in the summer, such as hurricanes. Finally, Florida can resemble the rest of the East Coast!