Coconut Grove’s Spike in Popularity

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

When looking for the perfect place to “fine-dine,” explore and relax safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Coconut Grove checks off all the boxes.  

With the pandemic, restaurants in the Grove have experienced an uptick in popularity because of their outdoor seating options and COVID-19 safety precautions. 

Greenstreet Cafe, a popular restaurant in the Grove, enforces safety precautions, such as weekly COVID-19 tests and temperature checks among staff, social distancing, mask requirements for all and routine rounds of disinfecting surfaces. 

Other restaurants, such as Lulu’s Cafe, Le Bouchon Du Grove and Strada in the Grove, take extensive safety precautions as well.

The Grove’s popularity has also spiked due to many new restaurants and the re-opening Cocowalk. One new and popular restaurant located in Cocowalk is Planta Queen, which serves a variety of plant-based cuisine, including vegan sushi.

The Grove’s scenic views of Miami and the ocean also contribute to the overall ambiance. The Barnacle Historic State Park, located in the center of the Grove right across from a strip of enticing restaurants, is the perfect place to walk with family, friends or just by oneself to enjoy the ocean-front view. Peacock Park, an ocean-front park open to all, offers a playground, basketball court and baseball field. It is located next to the Coconut Grove Sailing Club and Marina, where one can watch the sunset or sunrise. 

“With all the new restaurants and shops opening up in the Grove, I have definitely seen an increase in people trying to join the club. Since the club is something that you walk or drive by when going to restaurants here in the Grove, it has caught many peoples’ eye,” Coconut Grove Sailing Camp counselor and Miami Palmetto Senior High School alumna Sofia Aguirre said.  

Not only has the opening of new restaurants and shops, as well as the gorgeous environment of the Grove, attracted more visitors but, with vaccine distribution, people have started to go out more.

“The increase in members joining the club and camps also has to do with many people wanting to go out more after the COVID-19 lockdown and wanting to do something safe that’s also outdoors,” Aguirre said.

The famous restaurant, Glass & Vine, located in Peacock Park, serves a wide-variety of brunch, lunch and dinner foods. 

Peacock Garden, a breath-takingly beautiful restaurant filled with lights and gorgeous decor, recently reopened in Dec. 2020. Known as Miami’s hidden gem, it acts as the perfect place to eat in authentic Miami fashion. 

This influx of visits to Coconut Grove in 2020 and 2021 has overall allowed the Grove to expand.