Cocowalk Mall in Cocount Grove Reopens


Valentina Caceres

Though not all the stores are open yet, Cocowalk is already welcoming visitors.

Sofia Vinueza, Business Manager

After remaining closed for two years, Cocowalk, an outdoor mall in Coconut Grove, reopened this January. The newly renovated mall, described as a lifestyle center, welcomes new stores to become more “fashion-focused.” Some of the new stores opening in the mall include Free People Movement, Europann and Late Night Gypsy

“This reopening has definitely been exciting news,” Miami Palmetto Senior High school senior Sierra Brown said. “I am so excited to go, explore and shop at one of my favorite stores, the Free People Movement.”

The majority of stores opening in the mall are original apparel and give new business the opportunity to test out their products in a diverse environment. Coconut Grove has a wide range of age groups and ethnicities

Coconut Grove has a population of about 19,000 residents from ages 10 and under to 65 and up. They also have a wide range of diversity from Hispanic to African American. In addition they have an even distributed ratio of male to female population. 

Not only does Cocowalk have several chic stores, but it has many new and upcoming restaurants, such as Planta Queen, Sushi Garage, Mister 01 Extraordinary and Botanico Gin & Cookhouse. 

“I’m excited to try the new restaurants opening there,” Palmetto junior Ari Rolnick said. “Mister 01 Extraordinary has great pizza and I can’t wait to go try it out in a new safe area.”

The reopening of Cocowalk has brightened the spirits of many. With the COVID-19 pandemic, an outdoor mall gives people the opportunity to get fresh air while shopping, something that many have not gotten to do in a long time. 

“Since the pandemic, a lot of our days have been very chaotic and closed off since we have to take serious concern to protect ourselves from getting Corona,” Brown said. “However, the reopening of Cocowalk has provided a more safe alternative to a mall since it is such a vast open area.” 

With the start of the new year, hopefully the new shopping center provides visitors with a needed break from their daily routines. People of all ages can shop, get a bite or just enjoy the outdoors with the reimagined Cocowalk.