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Should FLVS Take up a Class Period? (FACEOFF)

Lindsey Solomon and Nicole Markus

November 22, 2018

Yes: (L.S) The bell rings at 7:20 a.m. and every Miami Palmetto Senior High Student gets ready to start their day except the FLVS students still at home. The bell also rings at 1:15 p.m., and students make their way to sixth period except the Florida Virtual School students. FLVS offers a var...

Will 2018 Be a Blue Wave Election?

Samuel Stone, Opinion Editor

October 29, 2018

With the midterm elections quickly approaching, the citizens of the United States will vote to decide the fate of those holding power in Congress. One third of all U.S.senators are up for reelection, while the entire House of Representatives will have to defend their seats. After Donald Trump was elected...

Should Elementary School Students Have Cell Phones? (FACEOFF)

Lindsey Solomon and Jane Heise

October 23, 2018

Yes: (L.S) As the years go on, the use of technology continues to increase within all age groups. In society, it is the younger children who have now gained a fascination over the use of phones, iPads and laptops. The standards in society today are more acceptable to younger kids receiving phone...

Is it Worth it To Take Out Student Loans? (FACEOFF)

Joanna Salvat and Isabel Wilder

October 22, 2018

Yes: (J.S) The issue of student loans plays a big factor when interpreting whether or not investing money into something will pay off in the long run. The average four-year college tuition in America can cost up to $35,000 yearly per student. This does not include room and board costs and most young ...

What’s Better, Online or Print? (FACEOFF)

Gemma Torras and Allison Strasius

October 12, 2018

YES (G.T) In our tech-centric world, there are times in which we all need a way to unplug. Our print newspaper issues are the best way to delve into student journalism at Palmetto Senior High. To begin, print stories make a lasting impact on the school community. While online stories  may be ...

The Hazards of Homeschooling

Mia Zaldivar, Print Managing Editor

October 7, 2018

While students attend school for academic intent, some fail to realize the additional benefits of going to school. School inadvertently prepares students for the real world with the exposure to different types of people, and with that, students learn valuable social skills. In the isolated bubble th...

Is the Leak in the Trump Administration Justified? (FACEOFF)

Nicole Markus and Samuel Stone

September 30, 2018

Yes (N.M) On Sep. 5, 2018, the New York Times published an anonymous Op-Ed, written by a senior Trump official. In short terms, the Op-Ed discussed that many of the Trump officials were a part of a “resistance” in office, and they served to stop President Donald Trump from some bad habits that...

Should Colleges Be Dropping the Standardized Testing Requirement (FACEOFF)

Nicole Markus and Benjamin Spiegelman

September 17, 2018

Yes (N.M) When entering high school, and sometimes even before that, students hear about the importance of standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT. These tests seem like some of the most daunting and stressful tasks of high school, because they can make or break your college resume. However, colleg...

Should Dual Enrollment be Factored into High School GPAs? (FACEOFF)

Olivia Solomon and Isabel Wilder

September 10, 2018

Yes (I.W) Standard high school classes are not for everyone. Sometimes, people prefer other opportunities to boost their high school GPA or to really challenge themselves. Being a high schooler should not limit a student’s ability to reach their full potential. Dual enrollment courses are postseco...

Should Federal Trials be Televised? (FACE-OFF)

Olivia Solomon and Sam Stone

September 6, 2018

Yes (O.S)      Up until 2016, photographic media coverage of criminal trials in federal courts had been prohibited under all circumstances. However, the controversial debate of cameras in halted when a new rule originated regarding this issue. This rule allows a trial to be photographed and te...

Should Teachers Be Able to Show Movies After AP Exams?

Alexis Garcia- Ruiz and Olivia Solomon

May 20, 2018

Yes: AG One of the greatest criticisms of the modern, standardized-test-reliant educational system is the fact that teachers are instructed to teach to the test. While this may be unfortunate, and a lot of the integrity and sincerity in teaching may be lost along the way, it is alas true that most...

Infinity War Represents Marvel’s Fun But Dangerous Future

Jack Cruz-Alvarez, staff writer

May 13, 2018

Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated “Avengers: Infinity War” sought to combine nearly every Marvel storyline from the past ten years into one symphony of a superhero movie. And while I enjoyed the movie, I am not going to lie, it has me concerned (DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS). ...

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