Canceled and Postponed Sports

Camilla Bondy, Design Editor

Due to COVID-19, a lot of changes have occured in   our everyday lives. One big thing that has changed is the cancellation of all sports. Fans await the days where they can once again show their spirit and support for their friends, and players wait for the days when they can do what they love.

“Not being able to attend games at my school anymore is pretty upsetting, considering the fact that I can’t cheer on my school or support my friends,” junior Marcela Canal said. 

With all the sports being postponed, players who were not in the best shape this year have the chance to work harder for next year. COVID-19 has given athletes and others the chance to stay in shape and exercise more often. 

As for Palmetto, spring sports have been cancelled just as the  games were starting.

“It makes me sad that the season is over,” junio and captain of the softball team, Olivia Rapp said. “Being less than half way through their season, and on their way to states was the worst part of it all.”

Professional sports such as the NBA and NHL have had their seasons postponed as well. However, they have played reruns of games on tv so their fans can remember them. 

The Olympics, a 16-day competition people wait four years to watch, has also been postponed,but will not take place any time after 2021, according to USA Today

Athletes hope their sports will resume soon so they can finish out the year, but they also know they have next year to look forward to.