ARTECHOUSE: A Look Into Digital Art


Isabel Lopez

A glimpse of what Artechouse provides the audience as visualizing a connection with art. (Photo courtesy of Allison Strasius)

Julia Strasius, News/Design Editor

ARTECHOUSE looks to showcase the work of artists around the globe through various motion-picture installations and technology.

With several locations in the United States such as Miami, New York and Washington, D.C., ARTECHOUSE has become a well-known establishment. Founded in 2015, ARTECHOUSE aims to inspire others, foster creativity and empower in an interactive setting, according to their mission statement

ARTECHOUSE installations hope to create a connection with their audience in a digital space. Before COVID-19, only a certain number of people could see the installations at once to ensure that individuals had an immersive and interactive experience, making the shift to a socially distanced format less overwhelming for Tati Pastukhova and Sandro Kereselidze, the founders of ARTECHOUSE. 

“Last month I visited ARTECHOUSE with my family, and the whole space redefined how I perceive art and the way it can immerse the viewers,” Miami Palmetto Senior High Junior and ARTECHOUSE visitor Daniela Hernandez said. “The whole experience was thrilling and I recommend everyone give themselves the chance to escape reality in a place like that.”

ARTECHOUSE has also transitioned to digital business methods, like an XR app. The app gives one the ability to unlock, or activate, different exhibits based on their location. The mobile app also partners with organizations like the United Nations Foundation. 

In 2018, ARTECHOUSE arrived in Miami Beach, following Washington, D.C.. The establishment works hand-in-hand with artists to create new commissions and re-imagine ambitious presentations of previous work.

Since its opening, ARTECHOUSE has showcased various digital art exhibits. Three exhibits currently on display in each different location are: “Crystalline,” “ Geometric Properties” and “Aqueous.”

The most recent Miami Beach exhibit, “Aqueous,” done in collaboration with Pantone, represents the elements. Abstract light and the ocean inspired the artist, Haiiileen (@haiiileen on Instagram), when working on the installation. 

“My work is about light and color theory concepts,” artist Haiiileen said. “Agua Haiii is all about the narrative of blue with Pantone. Since light is the language that I utilize, I wanted to make an abstract sculpture based off of the diffraction of light when it hits water.”

Inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020, Classic Blue, the installation looks to instill a sense of tranquility in the audience through its use of calming colors and geometric patterns. The second installation room features a prominent blue portal, representative of water elements. 

“It is all about being underneath the water and my inspirations behind the water…it is about transcending into a new realm of reality. Philosophers suggest that if portals were to exist on earth, they would be underneath the water,” Haiiileen said. 

Working with ARTECHOUSE on this exhibition series has been a memorable experience for Haiiileen. 

“ARTECHOUSE has been one of the best platforms that I have been able to work with…they love the idea of art, science, technology and of course inspiration,” Haiiileen said. “It has been a huge blessing being able to bring inspiration to other people’s lives.”

However, the installations do not stay forever. “Aqueous” plans to close in ARTECHOUSE on Mar. 14. To see it before it goes, go during ARTECHOUSE hours:

  • Mon-Fri: 2-10 p.m.
  • Sat-Sun: 12-10 p.m.