14 Days of Love Day 5: Unconventional Valentine Gifts

Kate Markus and Isabella Hewitt

During this unconventional year, why should Valentine’s Day gifts be any different? Valentine’s Day, known for its romantic gestures, may sometimes feel repetitive. With the run-of-the-mill standard boxes of chocolates, flowers and teddy bears, some have trouble thinking of an out-of the-ordinary present. 

This Valentine’s Day, try thinking out-of-the-(chocolate) box with these original and unique gift ideas.

Crystal Care Boxes:

Instead of the average chocolate box, some may enjoy a Pinterest-worthy crystal box. The perfect gift for your friend, significant other or family member, the box can include rose quartzs, amethysts, emeralds, rubies and more. You can purchase these dazzling boxes from a variety of places, including Etsy

Hand-Painted Canvas:

If you want to give a more personalized gift, a self-painted canvas can make the receiver feel appreciated. Hand-painted gifts reflect your dedication, and may seem more heart-felt than a store-bought gift. Whether you paint an inside joke, beautiful scenery or even just a heart, the gift shows love and effort.

Minimalistic cakes: 

Minimalistic cakes have taken over social media as the new baking craze,featuring pastel colors and small phrases. The decorations include dainty flowers, smiley faces, polka dots and phrases like: “Smile,” “Stay positive,” “Love more” and “I love you.” You can write a cute and thoughtful message to your partner that makes them smile. Easy to make, these cakes require only a few steps.

Song Plaques: 

If looking for cute and simple decor to give your partner, consider purchasing a Spotify song plaque. These song plaques show images of a song playing on a glass screen, imitating a phone screen. You can order the plaque with you and your loved one’s favorite song, or one that you associate with a memory of them. The plaques do not have to portray real songs, but can have songs with your name as the title and a picture of you as the album cover. 

A Couple Plant (To take care of together):

During quarantine, many have taken up the hobby of planting/gardening. Perfect for working together, this hobby allows you and your loved one to nurture a flower or plant and watch it grow. Taking the time to nurture a plant can help form a stronger bond between couples.

A jar of date ideas:

Perfect for someone on a budget, a jar of date ideas can help one plan some exciting and fun dates for the whole year. Planning last-minute dates can get stressful, and this charming jar helps keep dates worry-free. In the jar, you can customize the date ideas however you like and base them on the activities you and your partner enjoy. Some examples you can include: a movie night, spa day, star-gazing, dinner dates and more.

Long Distance Gifts:

Long distance relationships can be tough, especially if you cannot travel. This is a particularly common occurrence nowadays due to COVID-19, but here are a few gifts to make your partner smile while miles apart. 

The Love Box

The Love Box acts as a way to connect with your loved one via a messaging device. The device, controlled by your partner, spins around at their command to let you know they miss you. Connected to an app on one’s phone, both images and messages that you want to share with your partner or friends can be displayed on the screen of the box. 

The Bond Touch bracelet

The Bond Touch bracelet lets the recipient know when you think of them. It comes in a package of two, with one bracelet for you and one bracelet for your special someone. When you double-tap the bracelet, the band sends a signal, notifying the receiver with the flash of a light and a slight buzz. 

A similar option for those that prefer smaller accessories: the HeartBeat Ring. This ring shows you the real-time heartbeat of your loved one while you wear it.

While different from years past, make this Valentine’s Day special  by making or purchasing a unique, thoughtful gift for your loved one.