14 Days of Love Day 3: “Sorry… I Only See You As a Friend”: How to Cope With Getting Friendzoned

Sara Paredes, Copy Editor

Having intimate feelings for someone — whether that person is a close friend, classmate or family friend — is normal. However, the moment you rack up the courage to express those feelings to another, what comes next can be completely unpredictable. 

The “friend zone” is a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, but one person holds an unreciprocated romantic interest in the other. When you find yourself having feelings for a close friend, admitting that you may have feelings for that person can either help or hinder a friendship. The following are a few ways to help deal with being put in the friendzone.

  • Analyze Your Feelings

Following being put into the friendzone, take the time to ask yourself whether you see yourself in a romantic relationship with the other person, or if the feelings are just infatuation. For example, ask yourself, “do I see myself dating this person?” or, “what would happen to our friendship?” If this does not work, time heals all wounds, and it may be best to move on and accept the friendship as it is.

  • Consider Taking a Break  

One of the best ways to take time to analyze your feelings and come to terms with such a situation is to take a step back from the pre-existing friendship. This is a perfectly understandable way to make time for yourself and possibly reevaluate those feelings. However, do not tell yourself that your absence may make the other person reconsider their feelings; this does not often occur in real life and can only further hurt you and your feelings. Sometimes, things are just not meant to be.

  • Take Time For Yourself

At times, the best way to allow yourself to heal is to focus on the things you love doing. Spend some extra time with your friends, learn a new hobby or do something that helps you feel your best. It never hurts to prioritize your relationship with yourself and take time to do some self-care. 

Moreover, in a romantic sense, there is not much you can do to change what you may see as a fault in someone else’s judgment. While that person may see you as a great person, it might not be in a romantic way. Eventually, you will come to realize just how wonderful the friendship that the other person and yourself share.