Whats Poppin?: Top Five Holiday Movies

Brooke Wilensky, Copy Editor

One of the best parts of the holiday season is all the movies that come along with it. There are hundreds of unique holiday movies to enjoy, but the five listed below are the very best.

1. “Elf”

Is it really Christmas without watching “Elf”? In this movie, Will Ferrell essentially plays an overgrown toddler, Buddy, who was raised by elves and goes to the magical New York City in search of his human/biological father. He quickly discovers that his father is unlike the happy and spirited elves who raised him, however, this does not deter him.  Buddy creates chaos and is determined to pass on the Christmas spirit to his father as any elf would do. This movie conveys a beautiful story about an estranged family who grows close due to the holiday spirit. It even has a sprinkle of romance, and, of course, is hilarious. This is one of the only movies that I never get tired of even though I watch it multiple times a year during the holiday season.

2. “Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas”

This is not typically a movie that comes to mind when thinking of the top holiday movies, but everyone needs some Mickey Mouse in their life. This movie strongly links to nostalgia because when I was younger I used to watch it with my little cousins at my grandparent’s house every year. The movie is made up of three different segments of Mickey and his friends enjoying the holidays. As most Disney movies do, it contains values of friendship, love and family, which perfectly encapsulate the holiday season. Although I am much older now and have not seen the movie in years, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch is a holiday staple created by Dr. Suess and is nearly as iconic as Santa Claus. Despite some people not appealing to the holiday spirit, this movie has the potential to convert them. The Grinch starts off with the intention of destroying Christmas for all the Whos in the picturesque town of Whoville. Alongside his dog Max, he goes into Whoville with the goal of “stealing” Christmas, and he steals all of Whoville’s presents. However, the Whos do not back down, because to them, Christmas is about unity and love. When the Grinch sees this his heart grows and he finally learns to appreciate the holidays, making this the perfect movie to showcase the true value of the season.

4. Home Alone

This holiday movie about a boy who gets forgotten by his family while they go on vacation is a cult classic. When Kevin McCallister gets left at home by his family on their Christmas trip, chaos quickly ensues. Two robbers attempt to steal from the McCallister’s home and 8-year-old Kevin has to protect the house by himself. Kevin is able to protect himself from the robbers and get them arrested, making this a true holiday miracle. The next day, Kevin’s mom returns home and he realizes the love he has for his family. In the end, the McCallister’s spend Christmas together as a family. This film defines a silly, feel-good holiday movie.

5. Christmas Chronicles

The “Christmas Chronicles,”  a relatively new movie, has quickly become a holiday classic. This movie follows two siblings, Kate and Teddy Pierce, whose father recently passed away. These two devise a plan to catch Santa Claus on video. While doing this, the siblings accidentally crash Santa’s sleigh, causing him to lose his magic hat and his sack full of presents. After threatening to permanently put the kids on the naughty list, they offer to help Santa save Christmas. This leads to a series of chaotic events, including Santa’s arrest. Luckily, they are able to deliver all the presents on time, and in the process, the siblings grow much closer. With Santa’s help, the grieving family gets to enjoy the holiday spirit despite their recent loss. This movie includes the perfect mix of emotional and feel-good, making it a holiday staple.

The holiday season is not about presents and toys, it is about family and love, which these movies perfectly encapsulate. There is no better time to curl up on the couch with a soft blanket, hot cocoa and a holiday movie than the present.