What’s Going On With TikTok?

Jane Heise, Print Editor-in-Chief

The White House announced Friday morning that they have reached a conclusion on the Aug. 6 executive order banning two Chinese-owned apps, “TikTok” and “WeChat,” from all U.S. app stores. The first to go will be “WeChat,” a social media and communications app, beginning on Sunday, Sept. 20. 

According to the New York Times, the ban encompasses all functions of the app, including transferring money, communicating with others and posting content. 

The popular video app “TikTok” has now been given the same threat; however, the deadline has been pushed to Nov. 12, meaning that the app can be bought and placed under American control. This would effectively stop the ban before it disappears from all app stores in the United States. 

Should no exchange or purchase of the app go into effect by Nov. 12, it will meet the same end as “WeChat.” For the time being, no software updates will be allowed on the app.  For example, if Apple institutes an iOS software update between now and Nov. 12, “TikTok” will remain compatible only with outdated Apple technology and may run slower and glitch frequently.

Currently, the Chinese company ByteDance owns “TikTok.” President Donald Trump claims that the Chinese Communist Party utilizes these apps to access American data, leading to the executive order and ban. The U.S. Department of Commerce stated that both “WeChat” and “TikTok” release data to the Chinese government concerning American users’ locations, internet searches and more 

As of right now, American company Oracle seems to be involved in negotiations with ByteDance to purchase “TikTok,” but nothing has been finalized yet. However, according to CNN, President Trump has expressed his approval of this purchase. All “TikTok” users still have access to the app and may continue freely to view and post videos.