What to Wear


Aliana Turkel

Jenna DeNight, Staff Writer

“All eyes on me in the center of a ring, just like a circus.” The famous lines from Britney Spear’s song “Circus” sets the mood for this fall. With the Homecoming dance’s Circus theme, students can really get creative with their ensembles. Bright, vivid colors are hot right now and they tie right in to Palmetto’s wild  Homecoming theme. Shoppers can find great, yet, inexpensive deals if they know the right places to look. Try going to shops that are out of the ordinary. You may find something unique at discounted prices.
The nation’s economic rollercoaster has been impacting everyone’s spendings lately. For many, cost may be an issue this season, but don’t let it get in the way of your big night, because with this guide, you can dress for less.
Thrift shops have a wide range of clothing. Check out Pinecrest’s Second Hand Showing in Suniland Mall. Don’t forget about boutiques. Generally expensive, these small businesses are suffering, as buyers have grown more cautious with their spending. Shoppers may be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable prices at boutiques such as Coco Couture, Blush, and Canela. Boys can find inexpensive designer brand dress shirts, slacks, ties, and shoes at Marshalls, TJ Max, or Ross. It’s a one-stop shop … something girls may never experience.
For those choosing the more traditional route, browse through the local department stores. Nordstrom Rack in Kendall may be the place to score a really cool 3-piece suit, with enough cash left over to buy your date’s ticket. If you really hate to go out and shop, online shopping has something for everyone. Useful websites include lulus.com or any department store websites.
Okay, Panthers, now that everyone is looking good, just remember what this night is really about: the memories you make, and the friends that you share it with. Have an unforgettable Homecoming.