What to Look Forward to in the NFL 2021-22 Season

Ryan McKean, Multimedia Photo Editor

The NFL season made its debut on Thursday, Sept. 9, with the Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers game kicking off the new season. The game did not disappoint, with the Buccaneers coming out on top, 31-29. 

Experts predict that it will be a season like no other due to the return of fans and the fresh rookie class. Last year, COVID-19 caused NFL teams to allow little to no spectators in their stadiums during games, causing some disappointment with fans and players. Week one of the NFL season included a little bit of everything, with some expectations being met and some exceeded. 

The NFL made a multitude of changes over the course of the off-season, with the biggest being the addition of a 17th game. In a normal NFL season, teams play 16 games, followed by a postseason. During the off-season, the league changed this rule and added a 17th regular season game to the schedule. Football enthusiasts and stakeholders are questioning how this decision impacts teams and players. 

The most controversial question among NFL fans regards who they expect to win the Super Bowl this year. Last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs. However, all bets are off for this year’s NFL Super Bowl.

“I believe Tampa Bay will win the Super Bowl this year. They brought back their whole team and their experience is unmatched. Also, Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.,” Miami Palmetto Senior High Assistant Athletic Director and teacher John Hayduk said.