What Palmetto Athletes Do During the Offseason

Ella Pedroso, Design Editor

When not playing against other schools, the athletes of Miami Palmetto High School prepare for the next season. While competition season excites Palmetto athletes, the offseason holds equal importance.

The concept of an “offseason” does not apply to Palmetto athletes; they spend the whole time training and preparing for the next season. To prepare for the next season, teams hold open gyms and keep their players in shape and ready. For example, some members of the girls’ volleyball team joined a club team.

“During the offseason, the majority of the players are playing in a club volleyball team, so throughout that time we’re still practicing every single day,” Palmetto sophomore and member of the girls’ varsity volleyball team Lucia Castro said. 

The football team keeps their players active all year. From January to April, the team conditions four days a week. The team then starts “Matt drills,” where they do team bonding activities to promote physical and mental strength. Groups come in to help the team with yoga and mindfulness. Then, they do more practices, leading them to the beginning of their official season in August. Staying active and in the flow helps a team succeed the following season.

“Keeping our kids involved and motivated throughout the year helps in all aspects of their life. We encourage all our guys to play other sports as well. Staying active is the most important thing,” coach of the Palmetto football team Michael Manasco said.

A team thrives off the chemistry between the players, and teams use the offseason to improve the team dynamic, which further betters their playing next season. In order for a team to succeed, their players need to mesh well together. Palmetto teams build chemistry by using the offseason for team bonding, keeping practices going all year. 

“[The offseason] helps because it keeps the chemistry there and helps us get an idea of how we’re going to do next season, and who is going to be a key player,” Castro said. “It also helps the younger players, like the new players. In July, we have a lot of open gyms for freshmen and new players to come and get to know the team to build that chemistry before the season starts.”

While offseasons may sound unproductive, the athletes of Palmetto utilize that time to become stronger. 

“The offseason is a time to get bigger, faster, stronger and smarter. We have more time to focus on those things and not worry about game planning and our opponents. During the offseason, we are our biggest opponent,” Manasco said.