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Unique ways in which students relax

October 1, 2016

The year-long academic trek began more than a month ago, and the increasing weight of stress has set in for many at our school. This pressure gives many students detrimental anxiety. Students cope with the stress in multiple ways to survive the year with a moderate amount of mental breakdowns; well-known methods include listening to music, going for a walk, exercising and getting more sleep. Although those classic techniques work to a certain extent, some students have unique methods of staying focused and calm under pressure.

To forget the stress, junior Moaz Selim takes a break from studying to take a hot shower. He says showers help him relax and put thoughts of homework and obligations aside, calming his mind. When frustrated or overwhelmed, doing something else can offer a soothing escape.

“The hot water relaxes my muscles and being alone in the shower lets me reflect on myself in full honesty,” Selim said.

Other methods include blowing up a balloon forcing you to inhale and exhale slowly, allowing you to breathe out the feeling of anxiety and stress, according to Researchers from Keele University found that swearing can also increase the feeling of control and calmness, as long as no one else hears the exquisite vulgarity.

Nature is also an effective getaway from the intimidating pile of books. Junior Logan Bryant finds peace when looking at sunsets.

“When stressed, I look at the sky for hours and hours until I feel better. It makes me feel good,” Bryant said. “There is no danger.”

Golfing also helps Bryant forget his worries. The sport is a getaway from reality for Bryant. A healthy lifestyle is essential to a healthy state of mind.

Bryant and Selim’s strategies to cope with pressure are only some of many used in everyday life. Everyone has their different way to deal with stress.

One method, drinking orange juice, helps by reducing blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. Laughing stimulates organs by enhancing the intake of oxygen and aids in muscle relaxation, which soothes tension and relieves some of the physical symptoms of stress.

A new trend for dealing with stress is adult coloring books. This bring users back to the  simplicity of childhood to ease their mental or emotional burdens.

Unique ways to destress may help students face the unique challenges awaiting them at school everyday.

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