Trip to the MuseZeuM: Salaam Remi Opens Gallery in Wynwood

Isabella Hewitt, Contents Editor

First opening in December 2022, former producer and Grammy Award winner Salaam Remi’s dedication of talent known as the “MuseZeuM” made its mark in Wynwood.

The “MuseZeuM” serves as an indoor graffiti exhibit honoring famous artists that Remi admires, such as D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse and Celia Cruz. Remi himself curated and designed portraits while simultaneously making the art appeal to the other senses, installing speakers to outfit the works and play the musical genre of the artist honored.

“Honoring artists of different experiences, backgrounds, and talents impacts our present history. Their artwork is so pivotal because it can bring past events into a new light and allow us to learn from previous mistakes,” AP Art History and Painting Teacher Christine Moros said. “Honoring artists with art is unique and special because artists understand and appreciate all the details, struggles, time, and how challenging it can be to create a work of art.” 

The uniqueness of Remi’s work is found in the idea that everyone involved in the sourcing of the image gets a percentage of the sale. For example, the piece dedicated to Gaye, priced at $40,000, provides the Gaye Estate with 40% of the profits when sold, while the 60% remaining goes to photographers, illustrators, engineers and others involved.  

On April 22, Remi opened the gallery in an event marked as “Midnight at the MuseZeuM” on Miami Beach with an exclusive performance by Hip Hop star Rakim. The event opened on the historic Bandshell stage of the Miami Beach Bandshell. 

“Honoring artists through art itself gives importance not only to the artists but to their artistic process, what they want to say with their artwork, and how they execute their artwork. It shows that we appreciate and care about [them] and their work,” Moros said.  

In an event overview from Miami Beach Arts and Culture, Remi revealed that this work was a dream come true. Remi proudly honored icons in a space where felt collaboration and creativity united, in the highest level.