Trendwatch: Floral backpacks


Photo by Lexie Rubin and Sabrina Chi

Claudia Vera, Staff writer

A flashback to the flower power era recently struck the fashion industry, causing floral prints to hit store shelves all across the country. Walking through the school hallways, one is bound to spot a floral patterned backpack in the midst of the crowds. Available at popular stores like PacSun and websites like Brandy Melville, these eye-catching backpacks have taken high school girls by storm.

With their variety in colors and sizes, floral backpacks have the ability to spruce up even the dullest uniforms. However, their eclectic look may not be for everyone.  This new trend has students contemplating the appeal, “I love flower backpacks…I love them not…”

“I think floral backpacks are really cute,” junior Shakira Curtis said. “It just depends on the actual pattern on the flowers, some can be pretty while others aren’t as attractive.”

The moderate pricing of floral canvas backpacks will not burn a hole in the wallets of students wishing to stay in the loop of fashion. Ranging from $20 to $69, these backpacks can catch the eye of your fellow peers, guys and girls alike.

“They’re fashionable because they’re not like a normal Jansport that every girl has,” sophomore Isaiah Smith said. “They give a happy and preppy impression. It’s a good present to give to your girlfriend.”

As with any rising trend amongst teenagers, there are bound to be those who don’t agree with the fad.  Some may not like the hectic patterns that the backpacks present, while others may just be tired of seeing these “flower child” accessories flanking the backs of teenage girls everywhere.

“Floral backpacks are a pretty and unique idea,” sophomore Ava Gruener said. “But nowadays they are way overdone.”

Although the appeal of floral backpacks is up for debate amongst students, one thing is certain: their attention worthy designs will have high school students waking up and smelling the roses.