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Transgender boy wins girls state wrestling championship

March 20, 2017

Mack Beggs, 17-years-old transgender boy from Cypress, Texas faced controversy after winning the University Interscholastic League Class 6A Girl’s National Wrestling championship Feb. 25. Opinions diverge between whether or not it was fair for Beggs to compete against the girls.

Consider this. Beggs, in transitioning female to male, has readily taken testosterone since October 2015. Some distraught wrestling moms believe Beggs received a competitive edge over their daughters. Junior Eunique Davis, the only girl on the Palmetto wrestling team provides personal insight on what playing with the boys is like.

“I’d feel pretty intimidated low key. I have been against the boys, like middle school I went against the boys and high school I went against them for one tournament,” Davis said. “I felt like I was being handled. It was crazy.”

On the opposing sides, Beggs’ family and friends feel that he is not to blame. Born a female according to his birth certificate, he was unable to compete with the boys, the gender he now identifies with. According to the UIL, the gender that appears on their birth certificate determines their competitor’s gender, completely ignoring the gender he feels most comfortable with.

“It’s not his fault, people are like ‘oh, he cheated or whatever’ and no,” senior Elliot Ferro said. “He wasn’t allowed in the other league. Complain to the league, not the guy.”

After winning the hard fought battle, the surrounding crowd presented a range of emotion, a jumble of whoops and boo’s as presented on TV.

“It takes determination, it takes sacrifice and also takes heart,” Davis said.

Despite the immense hate and deep sympathy, Beggs said that he could not have achieved so much without support from those dearest to him.

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