Thor has high expectations

Sungho Son, Art Director

Thor, the Might Avenger, returns back to theaters with high expectations from all the Marvel fans. The director, Alan Taylor, does not disappoint any viewers with the thrill-action, romantic comedy he brought to the cinema. He did a fantastic job placing humors carefully in serious situations and rotating camera angles to get the full visual effect of the scenes. Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) and Thor (played by Chris Hemworth), each played their characters with much conviction that it seemed like perfection.

The detailed Fx from all the scenes enhanced the movie as a whole by making it feel real, as if the viewer is sitting right in front of the actions. From small rubbles rolling, to aircrafts flying by, the quality was prodigious. The costume designers did an unbelievable job, suiting from elf-like creatures to dressing the elegant Jane Foster.

There were quite of scenes that I thought had little importance and at some points had to question their significance. The character plot twists changed the whole perspective of the movie which was done in a very clever way. The ending seemed too sudden with a small resolution but the rest of the plot was done flawlessly. Thor, with high action-packed and romantic comical scenes, keeps the viewers watching until the end. This movie is rated PG-13 and perfect for any action or romantic comedy movie fans and couples out there.