The World of Class Fundraising at Palmetto

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

At Miami Palmetto Senior High, class fundraising provides students with the opportunity to fund their senior years and facilitate class expenses.

Fundraisers are organized by each class’ student government board. They come up with new,  innovative ideas that can help their class earn money. Among the most popular locations are Chipotle and Chill-N. 

Raising funds does not only help the students with lowering activities for their class, but it sets an introduction for them to put in the work to make events happen.

“Beyond the fact that we have to make money for events and different things on campus, I think it’s important to make sure that the students get a little bit of the responsibility of making events happen in finding funding,” MPSH’s Student Activities Director Elizabeth Valero said. “It teaches a lot about responsibility.”

The process of holding a fundraiser includes the class board figuring out where to host fundraisers, emailing to confirm the fundraiser and then advertising the event both in person and online. 

During the height of COVID-19, fundraising was challenging, however, classes had to keep the ball rolling so they would make money for their class. Hosting these events takes organization and preparation. This way, class boards are able to organize various events for their senior year at a lower cost. 

A class field trip was arranged for the junior class of 2024 as a result of their fundraising efforts.

“Our freshman year, we scheduled a fundraiser almost every month,” MPSH junior and Class President Emma Behar said. “For example, we had fundraisers at Chill-N, Chipotle, Chicken Kitchen and we also had another fundraiser which is like a subscription service; that is how we have been able to raise so much money.”

Class fundraising brings in funds for a class, but it also brings students together.