The story behind Hoop Journey


Blake Rubenstein, Staff Writer

Hoop Journey, a popular YouTube channel made by Palmetto student Geronimo Gomez, produces basketball mixtapes, documentaries and all access films to help expose high school basketball players to teams who want to see game clips of the players.

“I had a camera lying down and I had no use for it,” senior Geronimo Gomez said. “So, I just thought about making basketball films.”

Gomez began Hoop Journey after making a few videos with the multiple basketball teams over the summer. During the season, Gomez felt there were too many games for just one person to cover, so he asked junior Stephan Pique to join him.

“I joined Hoop Journey back in November when we filmed a preseason game for our friend on the basketball team. I’ve been making videos with him ever since,” junior Stephan Pique said. Pique and Gomez have produced over 50 videos together, and they film some of the best players in South Florida and the country. Hoop Journey has filmed three All American players– Dewan Huell from Florida, Miles Bridges from Michigan and Rawle Alkins from New York.

Hoop Journey charges one hundred dollars for a player to get filmed per game, but if they are an All American, Hoop Journey does not request a payment. At the beginning of May, Pique and Gomez traveled to Los Angeles for one day to film an All American game, which they later uploaded to their channel.

Hoop Journey does not only promote the players that it films, but it exposes them to college coaches and recruits and a broader range of viewers.

“Most of the guys we have filmed have gotten scholarships off our videos because they didn’t have any game film to show college coaches,” junior Stephan Pique said.

In just five months, Hoop Journey has gained over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, and its popularity continues to increase as more rising talents want to be filmed.