The Return of Santa’s Enchanted Forest


Santa’s Enchanted Forest ‘s new location in Hialeah Park.

Ryan McKean, Multimedia Photo Editor

COVID-19 caused many events, including Santa’s Enchanted Forest, to shut down, but after two long years, the park has finally reopened. A lot of people felt the loss when the park closed, as it had been a staple of the community since its opening in 1983. 

“I am very excited about the return of Santa’s Enchanted Forest. I go with my family every year. It felt like I was missing a part of my holiday traditions last year,” Miami Palmetto Senior High School junior Carson Rivera said. 

Many go to the park for the food, but the rides are also a key component of the event. Many are delighted that thrill rides like Alpine Bobs, The Avalanche, Bumper Cars and Drop Zone are returning. 

“My favorite ride is Crazy Mouse,” Rivera said. 

Smaller rides and carousels mean that younger guests, who are either afraid to go on these rides or are not tall enough, can also participate in the fun. 

Everyone has different experiences at the Forest. “My first experience in Santa’s Enchanted Forest was with my family when I first moved here. I moved to Miami in the winter and this was one of the first things we did,” Rivera said. 

Originally located at Tropical Park, the attraction moved to Hialeah Park  locations because the owners would not renew their lease. 

When the park shut down in 2019, the lease had also recently expired, so Santa’s Enchanted Forest management decided to move the event from Tropical Park to Hialeah Park. 

The park’s reopening has the community excited to return to Santa’s Enchanted Forest and make memories of a lifetime.