The Panther’s 2023 Summer Playlist

Isabella Lagarto, Design Editor

A quote familiar to many of our staffers is “The Panther never sleeps.” Yet, as summer approaches, staffers will take a well-deserved break after a successful school year of upholding journalistic integrity and expanding the bounds of our writing. Below, find a list of the songs staffers plan to tune into as they savor the upcoming 71 days of summer.

“Karma” by Taylor Swift ft. Ice Spice

The Panther’s staff have always been avid Taylor Swift fans. We even had a Swift-themed print party. When staffers discovered that Swift would release a song with Ice Spice, many knew they would add it to their summer playlists. The song, recently released, takes a twist on “Karma,” from Swift’s latest album, “Midnights.” Ice Spice, a rising star in the rap industry, is featured on the remix with her iconic flow and lyricism. 

“drive ME crazy!” – Lil Yachty 

“Imagine life / imagine life without me it’s a waste of time” — a lyric ingrained into the minds of staffers that attended the New York City Columbia Scholastic Press Association trip. Deriving from Lil Yachty’s latest psychedelic rock album, “drive ME crazy!” begins with an upbeat bass beat and positive tone, reflecting the experiences our staff shared in New York. After our life editor, Michael Angee, vlogged the majority of the trip, this song made an appearance in the video, creating a nostalgic feeling. This summer, staffers will turn the volume up while reminiscing on our New York journey.  

“AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Beyoncé

Beyoncé: a name so strongly associated with stardom, that a last name is not needed. The iconic single, “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” originally debuted with Beyoncé’s latest album “RENAISSANCE.” As her first album in six years, all 16 songs reached the Billboard Hot 100, an achievement that Beyoncé has accomplished many times before. After much success with “RENAISSANCE,” Beyoncé collaborated with Kendrick Lamar to enhance one of the most popular singles on her latest album: “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM.” With an electronic-pop approach, the song’s lyrics emphasize hard work, individuality and wealth, with a catchy beat that has staff in a chokehold this summer.  

“Let it Happen” – Tame Impala 

Tame Impala –– a multi-instrumental experimental music project by Australian artist Kevin Parker –– is widely known for its unique sounds and approach to music. Specifically, Tame Impala’s “Let it Happen” has various instruments including synths, drums and bass. The song has an upbeat introduction with distinguishable drums, reflecting the euphoric feeling of “going with the flow,” an emotion that students may feel when summer begins. The lyrics of “Let it Happen” describe an experience that can be related to the lives of many students: the urge to let go of the busyness in the midst of everyday frustrations. Perfect for the summer, Parker orchestrates a song that emphasizes the need to step back from overwhelming situations and focus on oneself, “It’s always around me, all this noise, but / Not nearly as loud as the voice saying / “Let it happen, let it happen.” Aside from the themes, the sounds produced by Parker make “Let it Happen” a feel-good song, a factor that largely contributes to the popularity of Tame Impala’s music. 

August – Taylor Swift 

“August,” one of the most popular songs on Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album, “Folklore,” serves as a song about heartbreak and yearning at its finest. The song tells of being madly in love with someone, despite the fact that they belong to someone else. The song title, “August,” describes a summer romance –– more reason for staffers to listen to this song during the summer. Whether it be because of heartbreak or because one likes the emotions that the song produces, “August” will definitely be on The Panther’s summer playlist this year.