The Miami Heat’s Season So Far

Michael Angee, Design Editor

The Miami Heat have demonstrated great growth in their recent seasons. After a hectic 2020, reaching the National Basketball Association finals was not a lucky occurrence it came as a result of dedication and a tough roster. 

Of the last ten games, the Heat has won nine, with star players such as Kendrick Nunn and Bam Adebayo stepping up to create some of the biggest opportunities for the team. 

On Mar. 2, the Heat fell short to the Atlanta Hawks, 80-94, cutting their winning streak short. Now halfway through the season, the Heat are seeded fourth in the Eastern Conference, which, if maintained, means they have a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. 

Heat culture is defined by hard work and grit; the current lineup of the young team does that plus more. 

Second-year player Tyler Herro has struggled to put points on the scoreboard on a night-to night-basis, although he served as an instrumental part of the Orlando Bubble run in the summer.Although Herro is an important shooter for the Heat, Coach Erik Spoelstra wants people to focus more on the intangibles of Herro’s game, as he believes it has greatly improved. 

Spoelstra also believes that critics and fans should judge Herro not only on his shooting game, but also his defense and different coverages. 

A 103-93 win against the New Orleans Pelicans on Mar. 5 solidified the start of the second half of the NBA season. Jimmy Butler scored a game-high of 29 points, including 10 of the last 16 points scored for the Heat. Kelly Olynyk also had an impressive game, dropping 13 points in the first quarter, two short of the Pelicans’ 15 points. 

After the Heat acquired Jimmy Butler in 2019, the team has seen significant success especially within the 2020 playoffs. 

“When he [Jimmy Butler] came back I feel like his leadership kind of pushed all the other guys to work harder and keep fighting even though we started off at a bad start,” Palmetto Sophomore and Junior Varsity Basketball player Jack Nelson said. “But right away when he was on the floor you saw all the hard work show that the guys have been putting in.” 

After the All Star weekend break, the Heat played the Orlando Magic and Chicago Bulls, winning against each team. 

Through the 2020 – 2021 season, Miami has managed to play quality games against the league’s best teams, but opponents including the Brooklyn Nets pose a great challenge for the Heat.