The Importance of Rules During Reopening

Priscilla Bermudez, Senior Copy Editor

On May 14, 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis gave the greenlight for Miami-Dade and Broward counties to begin the process of reopening. This reopening includes restaurants and other non-essential businesses. These counties will start the process on Monday, May 18, unlike the rest of Florida, which started reopening on May 4. As Florida takes steps towards the “new normal,” an emphasis should be placed on following the safety measure put in place.

Rules are being put in place to keep citizens safe, as the risk of COVID-19 has not disappeared. Miami-Dade County emphasizes practicing social distance, wearing face masks and washing your hands often. Everyone should follow these safety measures so that they can protect themselves as well as others. 

Although things are slowly returning to normalcy, it is essential to follow the safety measures emphasized due to the risk of a second wave of the virus. A second wave would mean that everyone would once again have to go back into quarantine and stay-at-home orders would most likely be put back in place. The progress that the state, as well as the country, has made would be pushed back. 


In addition to the risk of the second wave, healthcare workers also face risks due to the reopening. They put their lives on the line everyday to help those who have contracted the virus, even though some healthcare face a lack of personal protective equipment. Reopening puts these workers in even more risk if citizens do not follow the rules of social distancing. Citizens should keep in mind that this situation affects many people, not just them, and should do the most to prevent the spread of the virus.


These rules are not put in place to annoy the citizens but to protect them from the possible dangers that still exist. They are there so the state can keep taking steps forward safely and keep citizens healthy. Although everyone wants to get back to their normal routines and have a chance to see their friends and loved ones without having to wear a mask, they still have to take precautions for now. Ignoring these precautions makes these goals become farther away.