The Holiday Season: What the Christmas Spirit is Really All About

Angelina Astic, Contents/Copy Editor

Across the world during the month of December, families celebrate the advent and the birth of Jesus Christ. A sense of joy and general cheer fills the air, which many describe as the magic of Christmas time. With some focusing on elaborate gift-giving and establishing peace between family members, much of the true message of Christmas and the holiday season can be lost in the craziness. Despite that, those who celebrate Christmas should cherish the values, principles and meaning of the season and focus on spreading joy, cheer, goodwill and kindness to all those they encounter. 

Joy, a term that appears in many of the season’s most beloved Christmas songs, emphasizes the rejoicing caused by the birth of Christ. Known to those of the Christian and Catholic faith as the Lord and Savior, Christ’s birth and lessons He taught in the Bible represent His aim to spread joy to those around the world. In honoring that, those who celebrate can spread that sense of happiness and appreciation for life and the season through their interactions with others.

Cheer, also referred to as Christmas cheer, is an essential aspect of the Christmas spirit. Spreading cheer to all those one encounters — whether in the form of a simple hello, compliment, doing someone a favor or providing them with support — reinforces the meaning of Christmas cheer.

The birth of Christ highlights goodwill. For the period of time surrounding and during His birth, those near and far spread the good news of Christ’s birth and God’s gift to those on Earth. With this great gift that was given to mankind, God, through his son, asked His followers to share the principle of goodwill, known also as the advancement and development of peace on Earth.

Kindness, something taught at a young age, is one of the most important elements of the holiday season. As taught by the Bible, one must love their neighbor, a principle that extends far beyond the house next door and into our daily interactions. In order for one to truly embody the holiday spirit, they must demonstrate and exude kindness to all they meet, ridding their minds from preconceived notions and false narratives.

While some may consider presents and other materialistic things the main part of the Christmas season, the real gift is that God gave the world His one and only son, Jesus Christ, whose birthday is the center of celebration. In order to honor Him and truly feel the Christmas spirit, those who celebrate should remember the principles of joy, cheer, goodwill and kindness throughout the rest of the holiday season.