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The Epstein Case Thickens

September 16, 2019

Since his arrest on Jul. 19, Jeffery Epstein’s case has shocked and captivated the nation. Epstein faced charges related to sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking.  He previously served 13 months in prison following two prostitution-related charges in 2008 (Halleman, 2019).

According to Town and Country Magazine, Epstein’s career in finance began in the 1970s after he left his job as a math teacher at the Dalton School and began working at Bear Stearns investment bank. In 1982, Epstein left and started his own firm, J. Epstein & Co. Vox News writes that Epstein’s company was geared to “those with assets worth more than $1 billion.”

Widely known for having notable connections with people of extreme wealth and status, Epstein knew former President Bill Clinton and current President Donald Trump. However, following Epstein’s initial charges in 2008, many of his connections cut off personal ties with him. 

President Donald Trump told the New York Times that “I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years. I was not a fan of his…”A former high-ranked connection, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, spoke out against Epstein, being “appalled by his behavior” (BBC, 2019)

 However, many of his connections are speculated to have been involved in Epstein’s crimes; hence why Epstein was such a crucial link in finding people to prosecute regarding these sex-trafficking crimes. 

Epstein’s suicide created controversy as a result of many believing that his death resulted from a lack of proper monitoring in his jail cell. According to The New York Times, Epstein had been taken off suicide watch on July 29. Nevertheless, on Aug. 10, 12 days later, authorities found Epstein dead in his cell, and by Aug. 16, the New York City medical examiner confirmed that Epstein had died of suicide by hanging. His death came shortly after he pleaded not guilty to both of his charges. Court documents dating from July 8 indicate that Epstein paid his victims to find more girls for him to abuse sexually, with Epstein’s youngest victim being 14 years old.

The effects that victims of sexual abuse experience, such as those of Epstein’s may cause victims to suffer from a wide arrange of consequences later on in life.

“A girl being exposed early on to sexual trauma, rape, victimization in general, those girls typically develop very high levels of low self-esteem, they often enage in self-injurious behaviors” said Dr. Marnie Lareto, a psychologist at Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital.  “So typically girls that are victimized, they can become engaged in prostitution, in very sexual behaviors with other kids and again women can actually become offenders themselves.”

Dr. Lareto also provided information on effective methods of therapy that can help provide closure and healing for victims of sexual trauma 

“So there’s trauma focused ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’ (CBT) which is very specialized for kids, girls or boys that are involved rape or traumatic exposure”. In CBT therapy the main goal is aligning victims with a therapist who allows them to realize what was done to them was not their fault. “They do have control in their future now, they do get to control who they date, who they have sex with, who they marry and they’re not damaged in some way,” said Lareto.

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