The Best Parks in Miami

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

When living in the midst of a city, finding a place to relax and enjoy nature remains a priority. Parks in Miami allow residents to take a break from reality and enjoy time with friends, family or even by oneself.

Out of the selection of parks in Miami, Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden’s, Matheson Hammock Park and Coral Pine Park are at the top. These three parks all offer a wide-variety of activities and things to do.

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden offers a long list of events that allow one to have a variety of experiences in nature, including painting classes, yoga classes ranging from mommy and me yoga to dog yoga, a breakfast class and more.

Fairchild not only has activities to take part in, but also hosts tours of the gardens which include information about the gardens and their historical background.

The park also has the Glasshouse Cafe, where one can enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal. The cafe’s specialty is not only its food, but also the surreal view. The Glasshouse, surrounded by the park’s walk-in butterfly exhibit, allows one to watch, admire and even gently handle butterflies. 

“One of the aspects I enjoy the most about Fairchild is the amazing beauty it has in it’s wide variety of flowering plants from all over the world. I love walking along the paths by lagoons where native bird species are abundant,” 20-year fairchild member Diana Carmona said. 

Fairchild has also gained recognition for being an iconic picnic spot in Miami and a great place to get a workout in. With its lagoons and lush vegetation, Fairchild Gardens serves as the perfect place to picnic and exercise. 

“Fairchild is also a place that benefits your physical and mental health. Everytime I walk into the park, my stress is relieved, which also allows me to relax which is a mental health benefit. I also exercise there for the physical benefit,” Carmona said.

When looking to picnic, workout and dine with an ocean front view, Matheson Hammock park checks off all the boxes.

Located in Coral Gables, the park sits on the ocean, where one may swim in the lagoon, relax on the beach or even go kayaking, paddle boarding or kitesurfing. The park offers rental kayaks and parasailing school for visitors who want a fun-filled day. 

Matheson Hammock also comes with the enjoyment of food from the restaurant Redfish by Chef Adrianne.

Coral Pine Park, the perfect place for all ages and activities, contains six tennis courts, a playground for young children, a recreation center and a 9 acre-field fit for soccer games, football games, picnics and more. 

Coral Pine also allows for one to host birthday parties and special events/ gatherings all year round.