The Bachelor: what is next

January 24, 2017

Every season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette begins with host, Chris Harrison, announcing it as the most dramatic season yet, and Nick Viall’s season is no exception.

With Nick being the first bachelor to have been a part of the franchise three times, the pressure is on.

After coming in second place in both Andi and Kaitlyn’s seasons, the stigma of being known as the runner-up proves to effect his reasons for being a part of the show. The trailer shows his worries about leaving the show again without a wife.

“Do I think he’s really going to find the love of his life? Not at all,” sophomore Katherine Diez said. “Based on the people he has shown interest in thus far in the season, it seems like he’s not really looking for a wife.”

Each season has a contestant there to stir the pot and create drama and this season continues this tradition. The trailer for the rest of the season highlights Corinne Olympios doing whatever it takes to leave the show with Nick.

“She’s the source of all the drama and keeps people entertained,” senior Brooke Kaplan said.

The trailer gives a sneak peek to what is in store for Nick with Corrine.

“I think that she needs to leave as soon as possible,” sophomore Katherine Diez said. “She’s so immature, hypocritical and way too sexually aggressive.”

The rest of the girls on the show are shown to agree harbor Diez’ same feelings during confrontations with Corrine about her behavior excerpted in the trailer.

The preview of the season also highlights drama over Liz Sandoz and her past relationship with Nick. It reveals how one of Nick’s bachelorettes already got together with Nick months before the taping of the show. This proves to be unsettling for most of the girls and Nick.  

Nick is shown to have connected with many girls in this season. This excites the viewers to see who he will end up marrying in the end.

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