The ABCs of PTSA & EESAC: Welcome Back to School, Panthers!

Angelina Astic, Contents/Copy Editor

Welcome to the monthly PTSA and EESAC update, filled with answers to many of the most pressing topics on campus. These PTSA & EESAC blog posts provide a monthly update regarding ongoing events and important information that pertains to students. This month’s post consists of updates regarding construction and parking, the student services department, COVID-19, college visits and Homecoming. 


  • Currently, construction on the auditorium is scheduled to finish by the holiday season. Panthers can expect a move-in date around the beginning of 2022. 
  • With the reopening of schools came the official opening of the new cafeteria and arts wing and blackbox theatre. To learn more about the new additions to campus, click here.  

Student Parking: 

  • School administration expects the construction crew to remove materials from the parking lot in the coming weeks. Once everything is ready, the school will sell 150 additional parking spots and release more information regarding who is eligible to purchase a spot. 
  • Due to the 100% in-person return to schools, students have had to adjust to busier parking lots and more traffic on the roads. In order to create an orderly environment for students to park their cars in, Palmetto administration has specific, designated parking areas for students. To learn more helpful tips on parking from a student, click here

Student Services Department: 

  • Every Palmetto student has access to a counselor who helps them throughout their four years to ensure that they have a successful high school career. Panthers can find their designated counselor and their information below 
    • Ms. King (works with students who have last names starting with A-Ba, T-Z)
    • Mr. Sanchez (works with students who have last names starting with Bb-D)
    • Ms. Pinero-Trombly (works with students who have last names starting with E-J)
    • Ms. Concepcion (works with students who have last names starting with K-O)
    • Ms. Mallard (works with students who have last names starting with P-S)
  • Palmetto also has a Trust Counselor, School Social Worker and Mental Health Coordinators available on-campus for students. Students are more than welcome to email the social services team or stop by their offices. 
    • Ms. Mills – Trust Counselor 
    • Ms. Garces – School Social Worker
    • Ms. Molina – Mental Health Coordinator 
    • In the Media Center on the first Wednesday of every month from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m., The social services team offers a “Teen Talk Round Table.” Students are invited to attend and discuss topics regarding mental health and wellness. For more information, please contact the social services team. 
  • The Student Services department also offers students assistance with the college admissions process through the College Advisory Program. Palmetto’s CAP Advisor, Ms. Dwyer, advises all grade levels, however she is only meeting with seniors until November. Students can contact her via a message on SCOIR or by email. 
  • At Palmetto, the Activities Director Ms. Valero organizes all student activities. Students can find Valero’s email below and can stop by the Activities Office (located next to the Main Office) during their lunch block. 

College Visits:

  • Students can find information regarding upcoming college visits on their SCOIR accounts. If a student finds a school that is hosting a meeting they find interest in attending, they should select “Count Me In” on the university’s meeting invitation. College visits always take place during the first lunch block (10:35-11:15 a.m.), and students should show their teachers their virtual pass for the meeting. 
    • The meetings can be attended via zoom from the student’s classroom or via zoom from the library. For more information regarding college visits, please contact Ms. Dwyer. 

COVID-19: Masks & Quarantine Protocols: 

  • According to Miami-Dade County Public Schools, students, visitors and staff must wear a mask in school, regardless of vaccination status. Those who have a medical exemption can opt out of the mandate
  • For students under quarantine, teachers will post a link to a Zoom that students can join to passively participate in class for the 10-day quarantine period.  
  • As of Sept. 17, 2021, M-DCPS revised quarantine protocols for both employees and high school students. More information on the updated protocols can be found here
  • For families interested in learning more about M-DCPS’s COVID-19 protocols, please visit 


  • Our 2021 homecoming theme, Hocoween, matches the typical seasonal activities of October. A weeklong celebration on campus, students of all grade levels can participate in all homecoming related activities. 
  • One Palmetto homecoming tradition is the dress-up days. This year’s schedule is as follows:
    •  Monday (Oct. 11)  – Decades Day
    •  Tuesday (Oct. 12)  – Throwback Day
    • Wednesday (Oct. 13) – Costume Day
    • Thursday (Oct. 14) – Class Color Day
    • Friday (Oct. 15) – Panther Spirit Day 
  • Panther Prowl, the infamous Palmetto’s Class Lip-Sync Battle, will take place on Oct. 14, 2021. Tickets go on sale soon and the proceeds go towards United Way.  
  • This year’s homecoming game, played against Miami Southridge Senior High School, takes place on Oct. 15, 2021 at Tropical Park at 7:30 p.m.. To purchase tickets for football games this season, click here.
  • The homecoming dance takes place on Oct. 16, 2021 from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. Tickets for the event have sold out, however, students can sign up for the waiting list here. For more information regarding the dress code, restrictions and other protocols that students must follow, click here
  • For further information regarding homecoming and school-related activities, contact Ms. Valero. 

Those are all the updates from the PTSA and EESAC for this month! For those who have any further questions, please contact administration or visit