Supreme Court Allows for Temporary Access to Abortion Pill

Eitan Greenberg, Sports Editor

On Friday, April 21, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the abortion/contraceptive pill Mifepristone would temporarily remain available across the country. The order halts a ruling by a federal judge in Texas, which if allowed would ban these contraceptives. 

This is a victory for President Joe Biden’s administration as it defends access to the drug in the legal battle over reproductive rights in the U.S. 

The one-paragraph order, released by the nation’s top court, was unsigned. However, conservative justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas publicly dissented. This marks the second time in the court year that justices faced decisions regarding contraceptive rights.

The Food and Drug Administration, which signs off on the safety of food products, drugs and medical devices, approved mifepristone in 2000. The current case can undermine the federal ruling regarding drug safety.

Since the court typically abides by FDA guidelines, this ruling was largely expected.