Summer 2021: Work Hard, Play Hard

Cristele Moztarzadeh, Copy Editor

With all the craziness of the 2020-2021 school year, students are growing excited to live this summer to the fullest. While expected and understood, students should also consider using some of their free time to do something productive. The activities below can help students find the perfect mix of work and play: 


Students can volunteer year-round, regardless of the season. However, for many students, summer works as the perfect time to get some community service hours in. They get a chance to experience the joy of giving back to one’s community without the consistent reminder of homework, as students usually get busy and can feel stressed if they decide to volunteer during the school year. Volunteering sounds tedious and it can feel this way sometimes, but the best things in life come from hard work. It is recommended that one tries to participate in activities related to what they enjoy. Someone who wants to have a career working with children may consider counseling at a camp; someone who enjoys nature could volunteer at botanical gardens or parks. The possibilities are endless if a student puts in the effort to look around for the right volunteer position for them. Even if one feels unsure as to what excites them, just putting oneself out there and taking small volunteer jobs for the time being can act as both an entertaining and educational experience.

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Especially for upperclassmen, internships can be beneficial. As students begin to think about what they want to do when they grow up, getting some real life experience can help one decide whether they can imagine committing to a field or not. Students should reach out to teachers in the field they have taken interest in, if possible. Miami Palmetto Senior High School AP Biology teacher Sara Edelman has informed her students about an internship opportunity with School Board Member Luisa Santos. If a student does not know who to ask or go to about getting an internship, teachers act as the perfect connection. 

Getting a Job

Students can also take that one extra step and find a summer job. Summer jobs are similar to internships, except that students can earn money if needed. Getting a job teaches children discipline, responsibility and also serves as a great way to make connections and money for one’s own things. It teaches people how to deal with money and other individuals. Many students enjoy their job when they find the right one for them, as one can make friends and interact with people they may have not had the chance to before. 

Study and Prepare 

Although many feel that summer is the time to relax all day everyday, some (such as incoming juniors) may find it important to begin studying for exams such as the SAT. Whether it is setting a daily goal for oneself to answer a few SAT prep problems or taking weekly classes, summer ends before some people know it, and nobody wants to feel nervous jumping into junior year. 

Get Ready for Take-off

The graduating class should consider readying themselves for a future full of freedom and independence. While college and its perks sound amazing, there remain tasks some people may not have thought about, such as knowing how to cook one’s favorite meals, how to change one’s tires or even how to wash one’s own clothes. Asking one’s parents how to do common chores similar to these can help them for whatever may come their way in college. 


Lastly, remember to socialize. The pandemic has made all of us a little introverted, as everyone has stayed cooped up at home. Going out and remembering how to crack jokes or start a conversation is good for all high schoolers. Incoming freshmen have to make new friends, as do the seniors leaving to unknown areas; we all have something to learn.