Student council amends election regulation

Jenna DeNight, Staff Writer

For the past 6 years, a Student Council amendment stated that one could run for office as long as they had no incidents of cheating within three months of the election.

This past May, senior Brittany Batten, current Student Council President, proposed removing the three-month grace period eliminating the possibility of those involved in cheating from running for office. The amendment passed by one vote.

“I hope that people take the applying process and application seriously because one mistake will really hurt you,” Batten said. “Elections are getting more competitive so every mistake is crucial.”

Now that Student Council has passed this new amendment, there is a great chance that other clubs and honor societies will follow Student Council’s lead.

“I think it’s important that Student Council be a leader in trying to foster integrity,” Activities Director Angela Lima said.

Honor societies such as Science National Honor Society plan on adopting Student Council’s revised amendment.

“We absolutely want to follow but we will have to change the constitution,” Science NHS advisor Jay Salon said. “On the first meeting of the year, the new officers will go over the agenda and have the paid members vote on the revision.”

As the new amendment spreads throughout the school, Honor Council members are pleased with the results.

“I think that Honor Council is all about raising awareness,” Honor Council member Tatiana Schafer said. “I think this amendment will make kids think twice with such serious consequences. Keep it honest, keep it real, keep it true.”

Through this new amendment students can feel confident that they are in good hands.

“The amendment sounds pretty fair,” junior Cameron Klein said. “The people in Student Council should be honest and responsible and I think this amendment will ensure that.”