St. Patrick’s Day: How Much is Luck Tied with Success?

Cristele Moztarzadeh, Copy Editor

Luck: a desired quality. Oftentimes, people do not realize how good they have it until their fortune leaves them, while others feel unlucky no matter what they do. Why do people want luck? Do people think luck alone can lead them to happiness, success and wealth?

Luck is defined as success brought by chance, rather than action. While luck ties to success in terms of its concrete definition, instead of hoping that luck does everything for them, people need to collectively start working towards their goals instead of acting surprised when what they want does not magically fall on to their laps. 

Yes, sometimes good things do happen by pure chance, but depending on so-called “luck” often leads to disappointment and wondering why something did not work out. Having bad luck works as an excuse when things do not go one’s way, and wishing for luck acts as a cop-out when one does not want to take action for something they want. How many times have students blamed failing a test on bad luck or wished for good luck on a test? Instead, they should study hard to ensure their good grades and own up to it if they fail.

Luck can provide comfort to many because it means that some invisible entity can protect and help them because of the unpredictability of the future. Using luck as a pick-me-up sometimes is fine, as long as one does not start using it as a crutch. People do not just reach their goals with luck, but the hard work they put into it. Sure, one can call getting an extra Starbucks drink because the barista made a mistake, or finding a dollar on the ground, lucky. But, luck cannot always save people only they can save themselves. 

On the topic of luck, some people find themselves bitter of other people’s. Some recognize luck in others’ success and happiness, and disregard what one did that made them so lucky. Some people look at celebrities, the wealthy or even simply happy people and judge them, wanting what they have but giving all the credit to luck, and do not notice how these people got to where they stand now. 

People need to check the way they perceive success and realize that it is not based fully on luck. If one works for what they want, opens themself up to opportunities and acts optimistically, perhaps one day they can describe themselves as lucky.