South Florida women accused of earning almost $200,000 in unlicensed contract work

Jake Hawkins, Staff Writer

41-year-old Kelly Fox was arrested Wednesday, Jan. 11 due to receiving a total of $199,400 from the victim of her unlicensed contract work. The victim told the Monroe County Sheriff’s office the work was “subpar.” Fox, who lives in Homestead, was charged with unlicensed contract work. The Monroe County Sheriff’s office was contacted about Fox posing as a contractor in Florida. The investigation as of now is ongoing, so more charges may be discovered. Fox’s bond was set at $1,500. 

A similar event occurred on Feb. 10, 2022, when Keyondra Walker was arrested on the same charges as Fox, when she claimed to be a roofing contractor even though she had previously been fired. Walker had used old business cards as well as company letterheads and the company’s contractor license to continue working.

This leads officials all over the South Florida area to be on alert for potential fake contractors as it seems to see a recurring scam.