Sofia’s November Picks

Sofia Strohmeier, Copy Editor

November has always been one of my favorite months. It kicks off with my birthday and starts the transition to my favorite time of the year: the holidays. After Thanksgiving, I finally start watching Christmas movies, start listening to festive music and begin the holiday shopping. 

Here are a few of my top picks from the month of November: 

1. Online Holiday Shopping

Throughout November, especially on Black Friday, I start getting bombarded with emails, texts and notifications about deals from numerous stores. I love online shopping, especially when I can snag a good deal, so clothing sales typically catch my eye. My favorite discounted purchase this month was from AYBL, one of my favorite places to buy gym clothes, where I got a top for $9 and shorts for $10. Holiday shopping for me, my friends and family is always exciting because it gets me in the Christmas spirit as I purchase gifts. 

2. “Speak Now” by Taylor Swift

Among “Midnights” and “Folklore,” my most listened to Taylor Swift album this month was the country-pop “Speak Now.” This album is one of Swift’s first albums and provides a wide selection of songs that I never tire of hearing. Some personal favorites are “Back to December,” “Enchanted,” “Sparks Fly” as well as “If This Was a Movie” from the deluxe version of the album. 

3. Target Runs 

One thing about me is that I will make up any excuse to drive to Target. Do I need to buy cans for the Thanksgiving drive? Target. Do I need to buy snacks for a club meeting? Target. Do I need more paper because of the absurd amount I need for my classes? Target. Essentially, I will never hesitate to go to Target, especially as the holidays approach. I cannot remember how many times I have gone to Target lately, but during November, when the holiday aisles start setting up, my Target visits increase alongside my winter mood. The trips I enjoy the most are when it is dark outside and I can view the Christmas lights as I return home. 

4. The World Cup

Born into a Hispanic family, of course, I have always felt a love for soccer, especially the World Cup. Even though Peru sadly did not qualify, I still enjoy seeing all of the countries compete. I have vivid memories of watching the games throughout my childhood but also some painful times when my country failed to qualify this year. Whether it is in my living room, in the classroom when the teacher puts it up, or on my phone at school, the World Cup deserves an honorable mention for my November highlights as I always impatiently wait for the event to begin again. 

5. Oat Haus Granola Butter

One of the best creations in the food industry is granola butter. I was intrigued when I first saw it on the shelf at Whole Foods months ago and I fell in love with it. During November, I especially enjoyed it in a nice warm bowl of oats or as a dip for fruit. The original flavor gives off fall vibes with its spices and the pumpkin spice flavor encapsulates everything a fall food should be.